What happened to that coffee I liked last season?

Published on: 10/23/20

Occasionally our customers will ask, what happened to my favorite coffee? If you’re a regular at Indie Coffee Roasters or do wholesale business with us, one of the first things you’ll probably notice is that we keep our coffee selection fresh, changing out our roster every quarter. There are a couple of reasons why we do this.

First, simple answer, we like to keep things interesting!

We believe that offering something new every few months not only gives our customers something to anticipate, it also keeps our staff on their toes. Everyone always has something to look forward to, learn from, and improve on.

Of course, there is also a much bigger answer to this question. We change coffee season after season to make sure that we’re continually offering the best that’s available. The coffee season is a bit different from the agricultural seasons that we recognize in the United States because coffee comes from “the coffee belt” or areas around the equator. There, coffee is grown all year round, but each season’s harvest will yield different results due to temperature, rainfall, and more.

The coffee depends on the season

When we begin choosing coffee to offer at Indie Coffee Roasters, we start by getting an assortment of samples from our importing partners and we roast these in small batches for our team to taste-test. From there, we select the very best of the batch to move forward with. Because of the process of this turnaround, our team has learned so much about roasting and capturing optimal flavors. We’re astounded by the improvement of our coffee quality over the years as we’re continually learning about which coffees flourish at which times of the year and determining the best way to capture flavors through roasting each type. 

This process also gives us much stronger relationships with our importing partners as we learn about what kinds of coffees flourish in their regions and discover more about the individual growers who they work with. They also learn about us, and by extension, you, as they begin to see patterns emerge within the range of coffee choices that we trend toward. 

Every cup of coffee you drink from Indie Coffee Roasters can be seen as a once in a lifetime experience, so be sure to savor the moment!

So, to answer your question, it is unlikely that coffee we once carried will come back, and even if you see the same name show up on a bag again, it may taste wildly different from what you expect. The diversity within each harvest, even on the same farm, is caused by a variety of different factors, from rainfall to seasonal temperatures. With this understanding, every cup of coffee you drink from Indie Coffee Roasters can be seen as a once in a lifetime experience, so be sure to savor the moment! 

Because we’re constantly working to improve our skills, we can’t promise that you’ll get the same coffee again in the future, but we can promise that what you do get will be better than what we’ve served before. No matter what, we’re committed to constant improvement, developing our skills, and getting you the best cup of coffee possible, every single time.

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