Now Serving: Paradox, A Fall Signature Drink

Published on: 10/8/20

Each season, our own team members at Indie Coffee Roasters submit their creations for a chance to see them served at our shop. This fall, one of our newest signature drinks is the Paradox, a cold brew and chocolate drink featuring whipped marshmallow and graham cracker crumbles. We talked with the creator, Katie, to get the inside scoop on what inspired her to create this drink. 

How would you describe your drink in your own words?

It’s like drinking a s’more—except cold!

What inspired you to create it?

My favorite part of fall is sitting around a campfire and making s’mores with my friends and family. Living in the Midwest, though, it doesn’t always start getting chilly until October or even later. There are some days you want to enjoy the fall flavors while still staying cool! I wanted to do something that combined my love of s’mores with Indiana’s notoriously fickle fall weather.

 I wanted to do something that combined my love of s’mores with Indiana’s notoriously fickle fall weather.

What was your process? How long did it take you to perfect your recipe? How many failed attempts?

I had several failed attempts, I kinda lost count haha. I wanted to do a s’mores latte, but the flavor of the espresso overpowered the flavor of the marshmallow so I had to get a little more creative. I tried doing a cafe au lait with the chocolate and marshmallow, but it was still missing something. That’s when I got the idea to try our cold brew, and it’s a perfect match! ICR has the best cold brew around, and it complements the s’mores flavors perfectly.

Why did you name it Paradox?

Paradox: a situation, person, or thing that combines contradictory features or qualities. 

Most everyone views fall as a cozy season and wants to soak up all the cozy, warm drinks. I wanted to shake things up a little and add a cold drink while still enjoying all the fall flavors, i.e. a paradox!

Anything else you want to add?

I just hope everyone enjoys the drink as much as I enjoyed creating it!


You can stop by our Carmel coffee shop to try Katie’s handcrafted signature drink, Paradox, throughout the fall season.

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