Now Serving: M.O.A.T., A Fall Signature Drink

Published on: 10/20/20

Each season, our own team members at Indie Coffee Roasters submit their creations for a chance to see them served at our shop. This fall, one of our newest signature drinks is the M.O.A.T, a hot chai featuring maple and apple flavors. We asked its creator Addi what behind her inspiration for creating this tasty fall beverage. 

How would you describe your drink in your own words?

I would describe the M.O.A.T. as the quintessential fall drink. The blend of maple and chai brings that autumn spice while adding a soft, sweet flavor. Then it is sprinkled with apple cinnamon to tie it all together.

What inspired you to create it?

Tea has always reminded me of the crisp air that fall brings, and I wanted to create something centered around that memory.

I would describe the M.O.A.T. as the quintessential fall drink.

What was your process? How long did it take you to perfect your recipe? How many failed attempts?

This drink came about quickly, but it took some time to find out which flavors blended well together. I was trying to find the perfect pairing to go with the maple syrup and Alec, who is always a great resource for flavor combinations, gave me the tip that brown butter might combine with the maple syrup for a great flavor. He helped me figure out the best ratio of flavors.

Then, I knew I wanted to bring in the apple flavor and the final addition of the apple cinnamon was the PERFECT touch.

Why did you name it M.O.A.T.?

The name ‘The M.O.A.T.’ stands for Maple, Oat, Apple, Tea, the four main ingredients of the drink!

You can stop by our Carmel coffee shop to try Addi’s handcrafted signature drink, M.O.A.T., throughout the fall season.

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