Now Serving: Jasper, A Fall Signature Drink

Published on: 11/8/20

Regulars at our coffee shop know that every quarter we offer a brand new selection of signature drinks for the season, but many people don’t realize how we select them. Each season, our own team members at Indie Coffee Roasters make these creations and submit them to a panel to be judged on their taste and presentation. This fall, one of our sig drink winners was Josh, creator of the Jasper. We asked Josh what inspired his creation of this tasty fall beverage and this is what he told us.

How would you describe your drink in your own words?

I would describe Jasper as a warm log cabin in a drink. I think the blackberry and brown sugar go really well together and give it almost a pastry-like taste with the nutmeg adding just a little kick on top.

Jasper is a warm log cabin in a drink.

What was your process? How long did it take you to perfect your recipe? How many failed attempts?

Honestly, this drink started out completely different when creating it. I was going for a warm, cozy drink that began as a maple syrup/brown sugar latte but pretty much everyone was in agreement that it was missing something. Jim recommended I try blueberry syrup and that tasted pretty okay but I noticed that we had blackberry syrup in the back that no one had touched. Blackberry happened to be one of the flavor notes in our espresso and it definitely went well with the other flavors I had in the latte. Plus, no one else had used it so I knew it would be one of a kind. I tried putting the blackberry syrup in the latte at approximately 6pm the night drinks were due, tried it once, and felt good enough about it to submit it.

Why did you name it Jasper?

I looked up names until I found one that I thought fit the vibe of the drink.

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