Seven New Coffees Now Available

Published on: 3/3/20

It’s the first of March, which means it’s time to introduce our spring selection! We talked with our coffee team to get the scoop on our newest arrivals, learn about the sourcing of each bean, and find out how they can be enjoyed in our shop. We’re proud to share with you all the research and hard work that goes into the selection of our coffees for your enjoyment. 

If you like purchasing coffee from our shop for home brewing, be sure to check out our recommendations for how to make each coffee at home to capture the best flavor.

Guatemala – Finca Medina

Tasting Notes: Strawberry Jam, Watermelon

Notes on the Beans: We chose this Guatemala for its unique, natural process and for its incredible flavor. Naturally-processed Guatemalan coffees are somewhat of a rarity, so we hit the jackpot with this one! With the flavor profile of this incredible coffee, we were confident it would become a crowd favorite, and it has been! So much so, we’re carrying it for a second season: a first for a coffee at ICR! 

Brewing Recommendations: Flat-bottom dripper such as a Kalita Wave or Stagg X, for a full-bodied and balanced flavor. Use a brew temp between 196-198 F to amplify the subtle watermelon notes.


Ethiopia – Koke Yirgacheffe (coke-ee) (yer-guh-shef)

Tasting Notes: Peach Blossom, Green Tea

Notes on the Beans: We chose this coffee because the flavor profile highlights the essence of the Yirgacheffe region in Ethiopia. Yirgacheffe is known for it’s lemony, citrusy flavor profile, but this particular coffee takes that iconic acidity to a new level of sweetness. The roast is going to taste very light and tea-like. We were careful not to over-develop this coffee, ensuring the delicate flavors remained intact. 

Brewing Recommendations: Cone brewer, like a v60 or Chemex. Use a brew temp between 200-203 F at a 1:14 brew ratio for best results. 

We chose this coffee because the flavor profile highlights the essence of the Yirgacheffe region in Ethiopia

Burundi – Murago Station (mer-ah-go)

Tasting Notes: Vanilla, Apricot, Mint Tea

Notes on the Beans: This will be our first coffee from the country of Burundi. We normally want a good range of coffees, from chocolatey and sweet to tea-like and delicate, and this coffee is the true embodiment of how coffee does not have to taste like “coffee” at all. With notes of vanilla and mint, it’s really one of the most unique and surprising coffees we’ve offered.  We’re excited to share this one. 

Brewing Recommendations: Brew with a v60 or Chemex at a lower temperature between 198-201 F. 


Honduras – Beneficio Santa Rosa

Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Light Berry, Grape, Rose, Lemon

Notes on the Beans: Originally, this coffee was in the lineup to be our everyday drip. However, through multiple samplings, we decided it was simply too complex and delicious, so we gave it an extra spot on the pour-over bar simply because it deserves to be highlighted. This Honduran checks all the boxes for a well-rounded coffee. Chocolate, berries, floral…it’s got it all. We have no doubt this will be a favorite this spring. 

Brewing Recommendations: Brew it at 202-205 F in anything you want: v60, Stagg X, or French Press. 

Guatemala – Ixlama Huehuetenango (icks-la-muh) (way-way-ten-ango)

Tasting Notes: Blackberry, Soft spices, Wine, Melon

Notes on the Beans: This spring we’re featuring a Guatemala on espresso for the first time. This coffee is extremely sweet and will be a perfect complement to the upcoming sunny weather. We wanted something vibrant on espresso to bring life and excitement back after a dreary winter by adding a little extra pop of sweetness.

Brewing Recommendations: We recommend a brew temp 202-205 F in the vessel of your choice.


Brazil – Primavera Topazio (toe-poz-ee-o)

Tasting Notes: Milk Chocolate, Lemon, Honey

Notes on the Beans: Ah, the Topazio…this coffee is all anyone could ever want in a balanced, milk-chocolatey everyday cup of coffee. Super smooth and so easy to drink, it really doesn’t get any better than this. This bean will make an extremely pleasant coffee that’s balanced and perfect. 

Brewing Recommendations: Brew it any way you’d like at around 201-204 F. In our shop, you’ll be able to try this coffee on drip. 


Colombia – Las Montanas (EA Decaf)

Tasting Notes: Cocoa, Black Cherry, Lemon 

Notes on the Beans: This coffee will be a special treat for our decaf lovers! When we first tasted this coffee, we almost forgot we were tasting decaf. The cherry and citrus notes are soft but recognizable and the cocoa finish really gives this coffee a well-rounded taste. If you’re looking for the best decaf around, this one is hard to beat. 

Brewing Recommendations: Brews well through paper filter brewers. Recommended brew temp is around 202-205 F. 


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