A New Summer Coffee Selection Has Arrived

Published on: 6/15/20

With the start of June came the arrival of new coffee at ICR. So you can be prepared to order your drink at the shop and your beans for brewing at home, we got our coffee team to share a little info about each bean. 

Where was the coffee sourced? How was it roasted? What are the flavor notes? What’s the best way to enjoy each coffee? Get the details below!

Costa Rica – La Pastora 

Tasting Notes: Vanilla, Plum, Watermelon Candy

Notes on the Beans: It’s been a while since we’ve served a Costa Rica, but we’re back with a coffee perfect for summertime. This coffee features a sweet undertone and a slight plum acidity throughout. Wondering about that watermelon candy flavor note? It provides a great finish that reminds us of candy store nostalgia. The area of Costa Rica where this coffee is farmed, the San José province, values solidarity and sustainability. Its local cooperatives prioritize the welfare of their associates, families, and communities, providing technical support to the farmers and investing in solutions to common issues encountered on coffee farms. 

Brewing Recommendations: Chemex or Stagg X at 203℉


Ethiopia – Yirgacheffe ECX (yer-guh-shef)

Tasting Notes: Blueberry, Lemongrass, Floral

Notes on the Beans: This bean is true to its Ethiopia roots. We’re excited about the old-school blueberry flavor note which is one that often gets people hooked on specialty coffee. This coffee is grown on the westernmost Indonesian island of Sumatra, an area that accounts for some of the most unique coffee flavors in the world. This region also features lots of social initiatives designed to protect smallholder farmers and beans are certified organic and fair trade via the Ethiopia Coffee Exchange (ECX). 

Brewing Recommendations: Chemex at 200℉


Columbia – Caficosta

Tasting Notes: Vanilla, Dried Banana, Peanut Brittle

Notes on the Beans: For our house drip coffee, we like to go with something that is familiar from season to season, but stands apart with something unique. This season our drip coffee features a unique flavor palette perfect for summer that calls to mind eating a banana split. If you haven’t tried this one yet, we highly recommend you give it a try! This coffee is farmed by the Coffee Cooperative of the Coast as a part of Fair Trade Columbia, ensuring sustainable production. It’s grown in a unique way, using agroforestry, or overstory shade, in conjunction with the natural Caribbean Sea climate, to protect the farmlands and provide a unique environment for growing. Social services are provided to growers in this community. 

Brewing Recommendations: Drip, Stagg X, or French Press at 205℉

This coffee is farmed by the Coffee Cooperative of the Coast as a part of Fair Trade Columbia, ensuring sustainable production.

Indonesia – Mutiara Gaya (moo-tee-are-uh guy-uh)

Tasting Notes: Tangerine, Buttery, Lavender

Notes on the Beans: It took a long time for us to find an Indonesian coffee that suited the standard of ICR, but we finally have one we’re thrilled to share. This coffee features an intriguing flavor palette that breaks the cycle of what we often see out of Indonesia, boasting a sweet tangerine flavor upfront, settling into a buttery aftertaste, and finishing with a delicate floral. We recommend brewing with a flat-bottomed dripper for a uniform, balanced extraction note, or use a full immersion method like the French press for a full-bodied taste. 

Brewing Recommendations: Stagg X or French Press at 203-205℉ 


Guatemala –  Finca Medina

Tasting Notes: Honeycomb, Dried Apricot, White Grape

Notes on the Beans: You may recognize the name from last season, but you will not recognize the flavor! While last season our Finca Medina underwent a natural process, this season the beans are washed, creating a surprising twist to the flavor of the same coffee. Give this one a try to see the difference between the two processes in action! You can also brew it differently for two different results. Use a Chemex for a clean, crisp flavor or a Stagg X (which is what we use for pour-overs in our Carmel coffee shop) to bring out the syrupy-sweet honeycomb flavor. 

Brewing Recommendations: Chemex or Stagg X at 205℉

Columbia – Las Montanas (Decaf)

Tasting Notes: Cocoa, Black Cherry, Lemon

Notes on the Beans: This is a great decaf option for those of us who want to forget we’re drinking decaf! The cherry and citrus flavor notes are soft throughout, but the cocoa finish is hard to beat. We love making sure that our decaf drinkers have a coffee that tastes great and feels just like regular coffee. 

Brewing Recommendations: Drip, Stagg X, or Chemex at 203℉


Columbia – La Cristalina

Tasting Notes: Cranberry, Toffee, Sweet Molasses

Notes on the Beans: This bean provides a sweet and balanced everyday cup. The cranberry flavor note is not overpowering, but you can punch up the flavor with a lower temp in your brewing method. This coffee is amazing as an espresso, but works any way you like it. 

Brewing Recommendations: Espresso, Stagg X, French Press, or Chemex at 200℉


Stop by our Carmel coffee shop to try our latest coffee or purchase your beans. You can also shop 24/7 in our online store.

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