New Fall Coffees Now Available

Published on: 9/20/20

We can feel fall coming in these cool mornings, and with fall comes what you’ve all been waiting for…new coffee! We’re excited to share our latest coffee selection with you to educate you on our offerings, the origins of our beans, and the processes they undergo on their journey from the field to your cup. You’ll pawsitively love what we’ve made for you this season. 

To make serving up a fresh cup of coffee a little easier for you, you can find brewing recommendations for each of our coffees.

Brazil – Bela Epoca (bell-uh ep-OH-cuh)

Tasting Notes: Blackberry, Cocoa, Tropical Fruit
Process: Natural

Notes on the Beans: We’re excited to bring you this one-of-a-kind Brazilian coffee, featuring familiar cocoa notes as well as more complex flavors like tropical fruit and blackberry. The natural process used on this coffee also brings out a touch of fermented sweetness and a clean finish, making it a unique and excellent South American coffee.

Brewing Recommendations: Drip, Stagg X, Espresso


Brazil – Riacho das Varas (Ree-AH-cho das VAR-us)

Tasting Notes:Red Berries | Chocolate Malt | Pecan

Notes on the Beans: We have two Brazils on our roaster this season. This second coffee has a rich flavor with undertones of chocolate malt and a deep nutty taste. In order to expand our horizons a bit, we also wanted to offer a coffee that has subtle fruit notes. This coffee has a slight berry acidity reminiscent of chocolate-covered strawberries, showing you just how complex and delicious a cup of coffee can really be. Expect a semi-sweet body and creamy finish.

Brewing Recommendations: Drip

This coffee has a slight berry acidity reminiscent of chocolate-covered strawberries, showing you just how complex and delicious a cup of coffee can really be.

Colombia – La Serranía (decaf) (la sur-ah-nee-uh)

Tasting Notes: Sweet-Tarts, Cherry, Vanilla
Process: Washed, Sugar Cane Decaf

Notes on the Beans: We’re back again with a decaf from Colombia! Due to its sugar cane process, this coffee has plenty of sweetness and body. Here’s some quick education for you: the grade (or size) of this coffee is uniquely small. For coffee nerds out there, “Peebies” are a tiny bit larger than typical “peaberries,” which allows for a very similar cup profile as a peaberry, but processing is slightly easier.) The flavor of this coffee is tart up front, with nuances of green apple and sweet-tarts before mellowing out into a full sweet body of cherry and honey. We know you’ll dig it.

Brewing Recommendations: Drip, Stagg X 


El Salvador – Loma la Gloria Belvedere (blend) (loh-muh la GLO-ree-uh BELL-vuh-deer)

Tasting Notes:Grapefruit, Oolong Tea, Lavender
Process: Honey, Natural

Notes on the Beans: Our latest coffee from El Salvador is the one that’s got our tails wagging this season. This single-origin blend features one type of beans processed in three different ways and combined for optimal results. The combination is a work of art, a testament to the experimentation in specialty coffee, and one we had so much fun roasting for you! This coffee boasts strong oolong tea and floral notes with a touch of acidity complimented by a body that is exceptionally balanced and creamy. If you’re looking for our most unique coffee selection this season, the Loma la Gloria Belvedere is it! 

Brewing Recommendations: Stagg X, Chemex 

Ethiopia – Kochere Biloya (co-share bill-oy-uh)

Tasting Notes: Blueberry Wine, Lucky Charms, Cotton Candy
Process: Natural

Notes on the Beans: The Biloya washing station is known for its incredibly consistent and sweet coffees, and this one is no different. The natural process brings out a touch of winey flavors while also boasting bright blueberry notes upfront and a body like sugary cereal. This Ethiopia is unlike any we’ve offered in the past. The notes of tartness and sweetness will give you a surprise with each sip. Expect a lighter coffee with a sweet and tart body, and a clean finish. This one will have you howling for more!

Brewing Recommendations: Stagg X, Chemex


Indonesia – Gayo Trogon* (guy-oh tro-gon)

Tasting Notes: Passion Fruit, Floral, Cacao Nibs
Process: Natural

Notes on the Beans: We’ve been cultivating a partnership with David Hong at Green Bean Asia for about a year now and we are proud to finally bring them into our importing partner family. Trogon is a Green Bean Asia exclusive and we’re glad to be one of the few roasters in the country to carry it. This coffee is super fruity and sweet. Passion fruit and delicate tea notes dominate the majority of the cup, but a slight cocoa finish allows for a very balanced experience. This is hands down one of best Indonesian coffees we’ve had the pleasure sampling. We give this one 5/5 paws! 

Brewing Recommendations: Stagg X, Chemex  

* Want a little trivia about this coffee? The name Trogon refers to a tropical Sumatran bird that is considered by many to be the most beautiful of birds. These birds have a long-standing mystery behind them as we still don’t know if they have any close relatives living today. Trogons are very seldom seen, reclusive, and little is know about their biology. They are native close to where this coffee is grown, making them a great mascot! 

This coffee is an exclusive due to the relationships our vendors from Green Bean Asia have cultivated with the local Sumatran farmers. We’re passionate about supporting small, sustainable farms and coffee producers who are knowledgeable and detail-oriented. The farmer who supplied us with this coffee is Auila, a native of Gayo.


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