Do You Have Stevia?

Published on: 5/10/18

No… but it’s not because we don’t care. It is actually because we care a lot.

At Indie Coffee Roasters, our passion is to go above and beyond for each guest that walks in our doors.  We aim to provide unmatched customer service and the perfect cup of coffee every time.

This might lead some to think, “If they truly love their customers as much as they say they do, wouldn’t they just throw a few stevia packets out since it is a pretty popular thing to ask for?”

Honestly, that would be an easy solution, but as with most things in life the easy solution is not always the best solution.

Let us explain:

Not all coffee is created equal and everyone that walks into Indie Coffee Roasters carries “coffee baggage” of some kind. Whether they make awesome coffee each morning in a chemex, get their coffee from an office or gas station coffee pot or one of the many shops with the green circle logo… everyone acquires a different idea of what coffee tastes like, what form it should come in, and what needs to be added to it.

The sad fact is that most people are used to drinking low quality, over extracted, burnt coffee solely for the purpose of getting their daily caffeine fix, which leads to the need to find a way to make the bad coffee drinkable by adding cream and sweetner. This in turn makes coffee a sweet creamy drink therefore changing their pallet to like sweeter drinks (soda and dessert also does not help).

So, what now? How do we help our customers enjoy a cup of coffee that we put a lot of time, attention and love into making?  How do we make the coffee stand out and not the sweetener or cream added?

We try to do this by having a simple menu, not offering a lot of additives, and most importantly by educating our guests about what we love greatly: Coffee.

We love talking about different beans, their flavor notes and brewing processes. We want everyone to be able to enjoy different roasts from different parts of the world and that gets hard to do the more things that are added to it.

All that said, we want you to enjoy your coffee and understand that everyone comes from a different coffee background and has developed a different pallet. Our hope is that coffee will become a thing much greater than a caffeinated liquid you put cream and/or stevia into, but rather turns into something that you can experience in its purest form.

So, next time you are in, we would love for you to add less – maybe even skip – the sweetener or cream so you can start to enjoy the coffee itself. We promise it will open up a whole new world of enjoyment for you and your taste buds.


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