Holiday Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers

Published on: 12/9/20

Coffee lovers are so easy to buy for, even if you only know a little bit about what makes specialty coffee so great. If you have a coffee lover in your life (or if you are a coffee lover) and you really want to get or give something special for a coffee obsession this holiday, we’ve curated a list of coffee gift ideas to help you make your holiday gifting decisions this season.

Under $25

Secret Santa gifts are often under $25 and there are plenty of gift options for coffee lovers in this price range. If your coffee-lover enjoys sipping delicious coffee at home, they may enjoy a ceramic coffee mug to rep ICR or even a bag of freshly roasted coffee! (Just be sure to save your coffee purchase until it’s close to Christmas to make sure that they get the freshest batch possible!)

Looking for an easy combo coffee gift idea? Try the mug and coffee bundle for $25, or the to-go tumbler and coffee bundle for $35!

Up to $50

If you’re looking to spend under $50 for your gift-giving this season, one of the best gifts you can give is one that keeps on giving! The Chemex Coffee Maker gives coffee lovers the opportunity to make a great cup of coffee with ease every single day. Coffee lovers use Chemex to make a clear, pure, and flavorful cup. The coffee only comes into contact with the scientifically-designed filter and non-porous glass, which is something that a true coffee nerd will be sure to appreciate.

Over $100

Looking to spend a little more this year? In the world of specialty coffee, there are a few higher-priced items that can provide a truly great coffee experience. The Stagg Electric Pour-Over Kettle will make the ideal at-home brewed coffee, with an electric heater that allows you to set your exact preferred water temperature and a precise spout for the perfect pour. Plus, it’s a minimalist’s dream with that sleek style. 

Another great gift option is the Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder, a perfect tool for precise, repeatable grind settings. If you’re looking to give a great gift to a coffee lover, an exceptional quality coffee grinder is our number one recommendation.

Gifts that keep on giving

Coffee lovers will never tire of trying new coffee, so what better way to give that than through an ongoing coffee subscription! Give someone special the gift of daily coffee. 

Choose your own amount

Sometimes choosing the perfect gift can be a little overwhelming. We understand. That’s what gift cards are for! 

No matter what you choose to give to the coffee lover in your life, showing them that you get their passion for coffee and want to support them will mean the world to them!

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